Four days in Copenhagen: A Travel Guide

I had craved an autumnal city break for a long time and since following a few travel accounts on Instagram, Copenhagen in Denmark had always jumped out at me. The capital city, sitting on coastal islands with easy access to Malmo in Sweden. The historic centre and stunning, colourful buildings lined up along the harbour appealed to me the most and I just knew I had to tick it off my list sooner rather than later!

I knew Scandinavian cities had a reputation for being rather costly, but I was pleasantly surprised by the price of flights! You can book flights from Manchester to Copenhagen! We travelled from the 17th-20th of October, we chose these dates as we wanted to be away for my birthday, the flights cost around £80 each from Manchester to Copenhagen, including the journey home.

We landed early and had a while before we could check in to our AirBnb. We were lucky with accommodation because I managed to find a lovely apartment on AirBnB which was new to the site, so we got a small discount on our stay! The host was very friendly, the apartment was stylish, clean and VERY “Scandi” and the location was just perfect. We stayed in Vanlose and it was a 5/10-minute walk to two different metro stations so it was incredibly easy to get around the city.

I did a lot of research before we went away as I wanted to make the most of our time there. I even looked into travelling to Malmo for a day, you can travel by train or coach from Copenhagen so if you fancied a change of scenery one day, it’s cheap and simple to get to Malmo! However, I decided I wanted to make the most of Copenhagen since I had been so desperate to visit. And I’m glad we did because there were so many places to explore and discover.

We decided to purchase a Copenhagen Card and it was a brilliant decision! You can get these for 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours or 120 hours. We opted for the 48-hour card which cost £69 each (599 DKK). We chose this one because we were there for 4 days but wanted to have a relaxing day on the first and last day so we took it steady but filled in the 48 hours with so many fun activities! With this card, you can visit as many of the listed attractions as you want for free and it includes ALL transport around Copenhagen! It also tells you how much money you saved. I think we saved around £100, plus travel and went to do things we probably wouldn’t have done otherwise but we both had so much fun!

18th October

My birthday! We woke up and had fresh pastries from the supermarket around the corner from the apartment. Side note: the pastries were absolutely delicious in Copenhagen! First, we got the metro to Nyhavn, the harbour. Now, we had to Google how to pronounce this and you say it like this. Knee-howm? Anyway, it was absolutely stunning there. The reflection of the different coloured buildings along the canal was breathtaking, I already loved it there! There were buskers along the water outside the bars and restaurants and it just felt so lovely walking along.

We then walked across to Ved Stranden because we’d booked on to the canal boat tour and this is where it departs. The tour was brilliant, it’s been going since 1904 and passes Copenhagen’s best sights and attractions including The Opera House, The Old Stock Exchange, The Little Mermaid Statue and so much more! They run the tour in lots of different languages and I would highly recommend it! It was a fantastic way to see some key parts of the city.

After this, we were both freezing after being on the water for a long time, so we wandered into the centre and stumbled across the Guinness World Record museum. This is not somewhere I would usually visit as an adult, but it was included in the Copenhagen Card and we decided to give it a go! It was so much fun. I used to love the Guinness World Record Annual and the museum was like all of them stitched together! There were lots of funny photo opportunities and it was just a laugh walking around. I would certainly recommend it to kill a bit of time, especially if you have little ones!

We had eaten a LOT of pastries at breakfast so I didn’t feel too hungry, but my best friend told us to get a hot dog from one of the many stands that were hovering around, so we grabbed one of these and wow, they were delicious! So convenient to grab a snack when you get a bit peckish! I was having the absolute best birthday. We had a look on the Copenhagen Card app and decided to head to Tivoli Gardens. I’m not a fan of amusement parks but this was totally different! It certainly wasn’t Blackpool Pleasure Beach! Tivoli Gardens was founded in 1843 and it certainly has that traditional/magical feel to it. Since we visited in October, the whole park was Halloween themed and it was amazing! If you love the autumn and Halloween festivities like me, you’ll be in heaven! There were pumpkins and lanterns scattered everywhere and it was so beautiful at night! It was really special and definitely the highlight of my trip! I got a crepe from one of the market stalls and it was delicious but there are tonnes of places to dine all around the park too! It’s absolutely worth a visit, I would say at Halloween or Christmas too, so it feels extra festive!

19th October

We started our morning with more delicious pastries and fresh pineapple from the shop! We then headed to The Round Tower where there’s a magnificent viewpoint at the top. The building is very impressive, with stunning white walls and a cobbled ground, it looks practically the same all the way around but it’s beautiful. It’s a 17th-century tower and is one of Denmark’s best-known and most visited structures. It also houses exhibitions, concerts and various other activities for children and adults alike! It’s a lot of fun to walk around and the light coming through the windows is stunning! The view at the top is also incredible, you can see the majority of the city from the top! We didn’t pick the best day for clarity, but it was still impressive. (Albeit, WINDY.)

After this, we headed to SMK – The National Gallery of Denmark. Our AirBnb host recommended this to us and it was one of the attractions on the app, so we chose to visit! I had visited a few art galleries when I’d been away with my parents when I was little, but I remember them being quite
boring. We had fun walking around though, there was a lot of gorgeous art and we ended up just taking photos of each other and messing about! The gallery is most famous for its collection of Danish Golden Age Art so if that’s your kinda thing, go ahead!

We then decided to go to Copenhagen Zoo! We never go to the zoo at home, so it was actually really fun! They have a superb range of animals there, including pandas! I was so excited to see them. It took ages to walk around but it’s a very pretty zoo, so it was nice to just wander around hand in hand looking at the different animals!

We had built up an appetite after walking around all day and I had read about an Italian restaurant called Forno a Legna. This is in Frederiksberg and didn’t take long on the bus from where the zoo was! I had read about this on a blog about saving money on a trip to Copenhagen and it had brilliant reviews! Now, if you’re into fine dining, this isn’t your place! It’s very basic dining, they served my pizza IN the box! It’s more of a fast-food style but they sell alcohol. We had a few beers with our pizza and could not believe how cheap it was when we got the bill! We had a few large bottles of beer, a pizza and a calzone and it came to under £40! We thought this was brilliant for the prices in Copenhagen. We were expecting to spend a lot more than that on dinner, so we headed to Nyhavn to treat ourselves to a nice drink by the water. It was so peaceful in Nyhavn at night, the reflection of the buildings on the water was still so beautiful though, I felt so happy

20th October

We were flying home later this day so we decided to have a full day of exploring and seeing if we could discover some places we hadn’t yet seen. First, we went in search for a postcard to send, I wrote this in a lovely little cafe while we ate MORE pastries! Honestly, my entire body might as well have been made out of pastry by the end of this trip.

We wandered around all the lovely little shops in the centre of Copenhagen (Storget Street.) We bought a few souvenirs for our families and a print to frame so we’d always remember our trip. We found loads of gorgeous hidden streets with colourful buildings, my boyfriend was papping me like a model! It really is the most wonderful city!

We bought a little padlock from a souvenir shop and the sales assistant let me borrow his pen to write our initials on. We headed back to Nyhavn and attached a lock on the bridge, and we can’t wait to go back and see if it’s still there! Instead of finding somewhere to eat, we decided to eat in the airport, so we knew we’d get there in good time. Just another side note: Copenhagen Airport is AMAZING! So many shops and places to eat, I was gobsmacked!

All in all, Copenhagen really is an incredible city. We definitely feel like we saw as much as we could in the time, we had there but I believe there is probably even more to see! If you can find yourself some cheap flights (and save up for beer money because wowza, the pints are expensive!) I promise you’ll have an excellent time!

*Disclaimer: This blog post is written in collaboration with to promote their travel planning and booking platform and app.


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