The best ways to soak up the sun when abroad

If you’re someone who loves the sun, and heads abroad most often in order to soak it up and feels its effects, some things you can do work better than others. And if you’re in a rut of winter blues right now, and you want some sweet Vitamin D to help chase them away, here are a few tips for you to consider. Book yourself a trip away, and then use them to full effect! 

Stay Near the Beach

The beach is always going to be one of the best places to get some sunshine! If you want to be able to access the sun, as and when you want to, you’ll want to get dressed down and go barefoot along the sand. Doesn’t that sound just lovely? 

And if you’re headed somewhere like Spain, be sure to look into hiring a beach side apartment in Marbella to stay in. It’s a luxury place to wake up, and you’ll be able to see the beach at all times – you can monitor for beach parties you might want to join, as well as take a peek at how busy the beach is. 

You might even be able to use the balcony to do some sunbathing, rather than take all your stuff out and down to the beach with. It’s a nice bit of privacy! 

Get in the Water

If you want to be under the sun, and make sure you’re feeling healthy and happy at all times whilst you do so, get in the water! If you’re near a pool, take as many dips as you can, and soak up the manufactured coolness of the water you can do laps in. 

If you’re near the ocean, be sure to get in and out of the waves as often as possible; the salt water is good to have fun with friends in, and the water helps to form a protective layer against sunburn. Not only that, it has a whole host of other benefits too. 

Pack the Right SPF!

Of course, as we mentioned above, you’ll need to keep an eye out for sunburn on your skin. You want to soak up some healthy Vitamin D, but you’ll need to keep most of those harmful UV rays off of your back. 

If you’re fair skinned, pack something of factor 50 and above. If you’re more dark skinned, or you tan easily, something like factor 30 would be of most use to you. Sun block allows you to soak up as many rays as you would want to, and it’ll help your skin to stay supple and smooth in the long run. If you’re a big traveler, it always needs to stay in your bag! 

Heading abroad is something we all love to do; travel is a big deal, and a bit of a privilege in the modern world. If you manage to hit the sun, sea, and sand a few times a year, you’ve got it pretty good!


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