5 benefits of having fresh flowers in your home

Although the weather can’t seem to make its mind up, with us wearing wellies and woollies one day and sunnies and flip flops the next, spring has very much arrived. There are beautiful blossom trees in the local parks, daffodils have been making paths glow and we’ve had a few days where the sky has been the brightest shade of blue. But sometimes, you wish you could bring the outdoors into your home and having flowers in your home not only brings a room to life, there are many other benefits!

I was very kindly gifted the stunning Wild & Wonderful bouquet from Prestige Flowers. This bouquet truly welcomed the outdoors into my living room. It has a fantastic variety of colours and textures and they smell delightful! This bouquet includes: Thlaspi, Lisianthus, Eryngium, Veronic, Daisies, Dragon Snaps, and Memory Lane Roses. I especially adore the colour of the roses and can’t stop looking at them!

I have purchased flowers for my loved ones from Prestige Flowers previously and I think it’s great how you can add on items such as a teddy bear, vase or chocolates. It allows you to go that extra mile to make someone feel special and appreciated.

We always try to have flowers at home even if that means grabbing a cheap bunch of tulips in the weekly shop but why not make it a regular thing? It’s easy to make sure you have flowers in your home at all times when there are next-day delivery options. And flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing, the other positive benefits alone are worth having them in every room!

Mood enhancing

Everyone knows that there are flowers for every occasion whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or for sympathy – they truly make the perfect gift to put a smile on someone’s face.

Flowers trigger memories of summer and spring when the majority of us are happy because the weather is great and we get to go on holiday!

Flowers are associated with happiness so why not make that little change to your home by having a bunch of flowers in the hall for you to see when you leave for work?


Flowers are such a quick and easy way to decorate a room! It takes less than 5 minutes to arrange your flowers into a vase and ta-da – you’ve improved a room already!

Understated bouquets can make a busy home feel more relaxed and an arrangement of one colour in varying shades can tie together an entire colour theme.

Good impression

When you visit a friend and they have fresh flowers in their home, it immediately makes you think they have their life together. It’s such a small amount of effort to put in! Welcome guests to your home with a fresh bouquet in the hallway or on the coffee table in the living room.

You’re guaranteed to get someone commenting on how pretty they look or how heavenly they smell! And I bet you, they’ll be buying some themselves when they get home!

Health benefits

Believe it or not, there are actually multiple health benefits that come with having fresh flowers in your home! According to A Rutgers University study, having flowers in your home increases happiness, reduces depression and anxiety and can increase emotional contact with friends and family.

A separate study by Harvard University had the exact same outcome – increased compassion, feeling less negative, and increased energy, motivation and creativity at work. *BUYS FLOWERS FOR MY OFFICE DESK IMMEDIATELY*

Better sleep

Do you struggle with sleep and hypnosis videos aren’t working for you anymore? Well, luckily there are a variety of flowers that can improve your quality of sleep.

One well known flower is lavender. The scent can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, which ultimately helps you relax, sending you into a peaceful slumber.

Check out the wonderful range of next-day delivery flowers here!


* This bouquet was gifted to me by Prestige Flowers to review. All thoughts are my own.





  1. April 26, 2018 / 6:18 PM

    I love having fresh flowers but very rarely have them. I’m currently looking for a new apartment so once I’m sorted I’m definitely gonna make sure I have some to brighten the place.

    Steph x

  2. April 27, 2018 / 6:16 AM

    Your bouquet is gorgeous! They look beautiful against your gallery wall. I plan on growing flowers in our garden this summer to cut to make bouquets inside, I can”t wait! http://essaywritekd.com/

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