5 reasons why your school friends are for life

I come from a small town in Yorkshire where everybody knows everybody and sometimes that’s brilliant and I love it but other times, you bump into people that you would prefer to avoid. But when everyone from my school year jetted off to different parts of the country in 2014, I didn’t realise how much I’d miss seeing my school friends! They all stayed at school for sixth form and I moved on to go to college instead but we were all still close when we moved away for uni!

I made some amazing friends at uni and I’ll definitely be writing a post about how bloody brill they are too but every single time I’m reunited with my friends from high school, it’s just SUCH a good feeling.

I love reminiscing about memories from school and for some reason when we’re all reunited, we have the best time. We’re all daft and absolute weirdos but that’s the best part because we can all be ourselves around each other and nobody is bitchy or judgemental. We’ve all grown up together and they’re all absolute legends.

Over the Easter bank holiday weekend, we were all reunited once again and I just had the best time. I always look forward to it so much when they all come home because at the moment, there’s only a couple of us that are home all the time! So this is a post to basically express how important friendships from school are and why you should cherish them forever.

You grew up together

Firstly, school friends are the ones who are there for you when you start your period and buy your first bra. But they’re also the ones who are there for you through your first break-up and the stress of exams.

You go from falling out with these people because they bumped you to a lower place on their Bebo friends list to getting wine drunk and howling about how pathetic you all used to be.

Your school friends are there for you through thick and thin from when you’re a spotty brace face to when you’re a mature graduate, and you know even if they’re in a city miles away, they’ll always have notifications on for the group chat!

You make mistakes together

Yep. These are the friends that you experiment everything with.

“Shall I dye my hair?”
“Omg yes hun, I’ll help you.”

“It’s gone black.”
… That happened.

You experiment with your hair, make up and fashion with these friends and they help you become the person you are today.

These are the friends who support you when you kiss a boy you don’t even fancy and when you don’t really feel like doing P.E so you try and hide in the changing rooms. They mould you into the person you become a few years later because of the mistakes you make together.

They’ve seen you at your worst (evidence below)

School friends see you when you’re a year 7 drowning in a blazer with a rucksack bigger than your body on your back. They’ve seen you before you had braces and before you knew how to pluck your brows correctly. And they still loved you!

But these are the friends that also witness your “glo up” – that doesn’t mean you don’t tease each other with ugly photos from school days though. You know you could literally rock up in a bin bag to meet up with them and they wouldn’t give a shit.

They’ve witnessed all the key moments

These friends are most likely there for you when have your first kiss, lose your virginity, get drunk for the first time, get into sixth form/college, get into uni and even when you graduate from uni! Because you make friends with these people when you’re 12 years old, they witness all the big moments.

… And they remember everything.

School friends are like family

They are always there for you. And you know if you’re having a bad day, they could pop up on Facebook and remind you of a funny high school moment and you’ll immediately feel happy and nostalgic.

You know these friends inside out and know exactly how to cheer them up and you can practically read their minds. If they ever piss you off, you have so many secrets and funny stories that you can embarrass and blackmail them with!

You can go months without seeing each other but you know as soon as you’re all reunited, it’s going to be hilarious and as if you’ve never even been away from each other!

Shoutout to all of my school friends, you’re all absolute legends and I wish we could see each other more often. X




  1. April 3, 2018 / 4:13 PM

    It’s so sad, I no longer speak to a single person from school but to be fair, I was friends with all the wrong people. It’s amazing you’ve still got such good school friends.

    Steph x

    • amylt
      April 5, 2018 / 8:35 PM

      Aw, I’m sorry about that! I’m sure you’ve made so many better friends since realising that though! xx

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