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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be panicking about what to buy for your other half. Everyone sees Valentine’s Day differently, some people don’t have the time of day for it while others love it.

Since Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday like Christmas where it’s common knowledge that you buy gifts for the people you love, it can be incredibly difficult to actually think of a gift for your partner. I’ve seen boys buy [excessive] gifts for their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day. For example, cars, laptops and phones. And I personally think that is ridiculous.

After all, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate romance and if that means buying your girlfriend a car then so be it but for me, a bunch of flowers and a kiss on the cheek should suffice.

If you’re looking for last-minute ideas and you want to get creative with your gifts to impress your loved one, check out our thoughtful gift guide:


52 things I love about you

This is one of my favourite gift ideas. I made one for my boyfriend and he kept it in his coat pocket at all times. Creative and thoughtful gifts are perfect for Valentine’s Day because they show your partner how much time and effort went into the gifts.

For this, all you need is:

  • A deck of cards
  • String
  • Sticky labels
  • Pens
  • Scissors

It really depends how much of a perfectionist you are but for the purpose of this blog post, I tried to create the pack of cards quickly and it still took me over 2 hours. You stick a sticky label on each card and write one thing you love about your partner on every one.

You stick a hole through the top of the card with the scissors and pull the string through the hole. Eventually you have 52 cards with things you love about your other half or your relationship and it’s a lovely keepsake.

The Growing Up Guide Valentines gift love romance couple

Write a poem

I did a Creative Writing degree so this might be easier said than done for other people… But writing goes a long way. If you write a personalised poem or song or even just a little rhyme for your partner, it will mean the world to them. You have to put a lot of thinking time into writing a poem so this is a very thoughtful Valentine’s gift idea.

Personalised gifts

There are hundreds of Etsy sellers that make adorable personalised gifts! Whether you want a glass engraved or a bracelet engraved – Head over to Etsy! I love getting my boyfriend personalised gifts for our anniversaries as just a little something to show him I love him.

He plays the drums and guitar so I bought him a keyring with mini drumsticks on with his name carved into one and my name carved into the other. And I also bought him a metal guitar pick keyring with the words “I pick you” engraved in with the date of our anniversary.

I thought these ideas were adorable so if your other half is a musician, feel free to pinch my ideas! And if not, check out all the other cool items you can get engraved and see if any would be suitable for a Valentine’s Day gift!

The Growing Up Guide Valentines gift love romance couple


A scrapbook

Start creating a scrapbook of all your favourite memories with your partner. Start from the first ever photo you took together and stick cinema tickets, receipts and other things from days you spend together. Fill a few pages and tell your partner that you can work on it together until it’s full!

Date ideas jar

I LOVE this idea so much that I decided to make one for my boyfriend and I. There has been so many occasions where we’ve woken up on a weekend with no idea what to do and we just end up staying in and feeling lethargic all day which can sometimes lead to snapping at each other because we feel fed up.

We both love getting out and about but sometimes the hardest part of this is thinking where we actually want to go. That’s why the date idea jar is amazing. You can do this in many different ways but I decided to use wooden craft sticks and colour code them. One colour for “no money, rainy day”, another colour for “no money, nice day”, another for “money, rainy day” and then “no money, nice day.”

So you write the date ideas on each stick and colour the tip of the stick in so you know which to pick from depending on your situation. You can buy a 50 pack of craft sticks from HobbyCraft for £1!

If your relationship is anything like mine, you will have a selection of places that you love visiting regularly so be sure to pop these in the jar along with any new date ideas!

Frame a photo of you together

This is such an easy thing to do but also very thoughtful. You can buy so many different types of photo frames whether it’s one with confetti in, a frame collage or a love heart frame, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Choose your favourite photo of you two together whether it was your first selfie or a photo from your best holiday together, pop it in a pretty frame and you’re good to go! You can even accompany it with a cute card if you’re feeling romantic.

The Growing Up Guide Valentines gift love romance couple

A mixtape

I love this idea because it’s so retro. In school, I used to burn CD’s with songs on for my boyfriend and friends. Any song that reminded me of them or a song that we both loved. I then designed an “album cover” for said mixtape.

But we’re in 2017 now so to be honest, you could probably make a playlist on Spotify and Whatsapp it to your other half. Fill it with your favourite songs, their favourite songs and voila, you’ve put effort into something that your partner will love and appreciate.


I hope these thoughtful gift ideas have given you a bit of inspiration for Valentine’s Day this year!


How will you be spending it?


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