5 things to help you if you’re not a morning person

I used to HATE getting up in the morning. Granted, I’m still not a huge fan of getting out of bed, especially when it’s dark and cold. But since I started working, I’m definitely better at waking myself up in the morning now. Do you wish you were one of those people who smiles and stretches when their alarm goes off? Do you want to leap out of bed and make yourself a fresh smoothie for when you skip out of the house?

If you turn up to work looking like you just woke up or if you struggle to make it to lunch time lectures, here are a few little tips to help yourself become more of a morning person:

Get off your phone

As tempting as it is to have one last scroll through Instagram before you fall asleep, this is the worst thing you can do! The brightness of your phone screen right before bedtime can negatively affect your body’s sleep patterns so drop the phone and close your eyes.

Have a shower

The thought of waking up early to have a shower before work or uni when you can just have one the night before is terrible. Try having one in the morning, the water will help stimulate blood flow. Note: Do not fall asleep in the shower.

Eat breakfast

When I was in school, I used to really struggle to eat breakfast so early in the morning. For some reason, it just didn’t agree with my stomach. Sometimes I still feel this way but when I’m at work, I try and have porridge or toast every morning because I’ve noticed it wakes me up in the morning and I feel so much better.

If you have exams, it’s especially important to have a nutritious breakfast to keep your brain working!

Do something you love in the morning

Wake up a little earlier and do something you love. Read your book, write a blog post, practice your guitar. If you decide to wake up earlier to do something you enjoy, you won’t mind waking up to do it and it will naturally become part of your daily routine.

Don’t rush

Set your alarm in good time and give yourself lots of time to get ready. There’s nothing worse than sleeping past your alarm and not having time to finish your make up or to wear the outfit you wanted to wear because you can’t find it. Your morning will run smoothly if you give yourself enough time to get prepared.

Save time by preparing your lunch the night before and laying your outfit out in your room so you can grab it and get ready quicker.

Let me know what your top tips are for being a better morning person!

Until next time,

Amz x



  1. February 9, 2018 / 4:29 PM

    I’m so much better at getting out of bed now I have more of a routine. It’s always been hard, I am the complete opposite of a morning person, it’s just not in my nature but these things really do help.

    Steph x

    • amylt
      February 9, 2018 / 5:55 PM

      There are some days when I find it almost impossible and I’m almost crying while I brush my teeth!! But other days, I don’t mind! I think getting a good nights sleep contributes a lot! Xx

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