How to exercise when you hate exercising

So I’m starting to realise that you can’t just pretend that you don’t need to exercise. You do. Especially if you want to lose weight and feel good about yourself, exercising plays a pretty important role. But the problem with me is, I hate going to the gym. I can’t stand the thought of other people watching what I’m doing. You might be reading this and thinking “nobody cares what you’re doing.” But it doesn’t feel like that. Whenever I’m in a gym, I feel like I’m waiting for someone to approach me and tell me I’m doing it wrong. It simply isn’t an enjoyable experience for me. However, that is no excuse for me to not exercise. There are so many other ways to keep fit. In fact, I used to enjoy going jogging or running but ever since I’ve had big boobs, even when I wear the tightest possible bra… I find it so painful. So I’ve done a bit of research and found several types of exercise that I’m going to try in 2018.

If you hate working out, why not try something that doesn’t feel like you’re working out?


I actually used to go to weekly Zumba classes before I went to uni and then I just got out of the swing of things. Zumba is SO fun and doesn’t actually feel like you’re working out. If you love dancing on a night out, you should definitely try this. Most village or town halls have weekly classes on. Check out where your nearest class is here

The benefits:

Calorie and fat burning
Improved co-ordination
Full body workout
Aerobic benefits
Increased confidence
Mood boosting


When you were little, didn’t you used to LOVE jumping on a trampoline? Well, it’s now classed as an exercise! There are so many trampoline parks opening in the UK that there is bound to be one near you. Even if you go with a group of friends, you have a really fun time while keeping fit!

The benefits:

Cardio fitness
Low impact sport
Stronger bones
Helps mental health
Increased metabolism
Co-ordination skills


Walking is something that you do every single day and you probably don’t even realise the benefits. Since I started driving and moved back home, I barely walk anywhere anymore and I feel SO lethargic and lazy. I love going on long walks, especially if it’s around a lake or a river. If you take a dog with you, you walk for miles without even realising it! Going for a walk is also a great idea if you’re having a bad mental health day, it really helps to get some fresh air to temporarily clear your mind, especially if there are beautiful surroundings.

The benefits:

Maintain a healthy weight
Prevent conditions such as heart failure or high blood pressure
Strengthen bones
Improve mood
Improve balance
Improve co-ordination

Rock climbing

An exercise not for the faint-hearted… Rock climbing is a little bit more bad-ass than going for a stroll. As well as this being a form of exercising, it’s also fun! It’s one of the best arm/back/forearm workouts in existence and you feel a sense of pride when you make it to the top! Rock climbing is also a great work-out if you’re looking to improve yourself as the walls are usually graded so you can always aim to climb the more challenging one.

The benefits:

Combines cardio and strength into one work-out
Strengthens and tones muscles
Increases flexibility
Reduces stress
Burns calories
Conquers fears and challenges you


If you’re anything like me and get stressed out easily, yoga is definitely something you should try. I personally haven’t got into yoga yet but I watch a lot of youtubers who do it every day and you can actually see the impact it has on their mood. I remember when I was younger, I played it on the wii but it was always really difficult. Even watching videos of people doing yoga exercises makes me feel relaxed.

The benefits:

Increases flexibility
Increases muscle strength and tone
Weight reduction
Maintains a balanced metabolism
Improves respiration, energy and vitality
Stress management

Have you tried any of these? If not, do any of these exercises appeal to you?

Until next time,

Amz x



  1. January 9, 2018 / 6:39 PM

    I am definitely the same with exercise…love-hate relationship! I prefer to do something at home and for free as I know how much of a flake I am at exercise so a gym membership is deffo not for me.

    Have you tried Pilates? Blogilates on Youtube by Cassey Ho is brill and she gives you a monthly workout calendar which tells you what to do each day. Deffo worth a look and she is always so positive!

    Aimsy xoxo

    • Amy Turk
      January 9, 2018 / 6:41 PM

      It’s so frustrating when you want to do it but can’t motivate yourself to!

      And I’ve never tried Pilates but I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it! I’ll definitely have to check her out, thanks so much! Xx

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