Moving back home after university: Why it might be your best option

The Growing Up Guide

Credit: Matthew Henry - Unsplash - The Growing Up GuideSo you have just completed your university experience. You’ve had the BEST few years of your life. Going out every week, cooking questionable meals for yourself, bringing whoever you want back to your house and feeling independent for the first time in your life.

But now, you’ve reached that difficult time when you have to face moving back home with your parents. You may be completing a further study, which is great! But for many people, moving back home after university is the only option. It can be quite embarrassing when you tell people you have moved back home. But there are so many benefits from moving back in with your parents!

Let’s start with the biggest benefit of moving home – saving money. You honestly will save hundreds of pounds a month by living at home. Although your parents may ask you for a bit of board money…

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