5 reasons why dating your flatmate is a bad idea

The Growing Up Guide

Credit: Toa Heftiba - Unsplash - The Growing Up GuideI’m going to begin this article with a little anecdote. Sometimes, you need to hear a first-hand experience from someone before understanding why something is a terrible idea.

In my first year of university, I lived with four other people, two girls and two boys. I got on with them all very well. I clicked with one of my male flatmates almost instantly, and a couple of months into my first year, our friendship blossomed into a relationship. Granted, we had a rocky start due to other reasons, but we stayed together for 10 months and at the time, everything seemed okay but ultimately, it wasn’t.

We had an extremely difficult break-up at the beginning of my second year and then had to live in a house together for a year. Luckily, we both got into new relationships during that year and I’m actually very happy for him now…

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