11 first date ideas you wish you thought of first

“Wanna go for a drink?” or “Fancy a coffee?” can get a bit tiresome when you’re going on regular dates. Sometimes you want to do something that gives you an adrenaline rush or something that can challenge your compatibility with someone. A lot of people also find it very tedious when sitting opposite someone and just talking; there can be many awkward minutes of silence and bars can sometimes be loud, making it difficult to have a real conversation with the person you’re trying to get to know.


Asking someone out on a date can be nerve-wracking in itself and sometimes you will be hit with the reply of “Sure! What would you like to do?” – This is where I come in to offer you these 11 exciting and unique first date ideas that will make you stand out in the dating game.


1. Escape Room.

Visiting an escape room with someone is a thrilling experience. Your minds have to work together to solve clues and unlock things; you’re under pressure due to a timer to get out of the room. It gives you the opportunity to have a laugh with your date while seeing how well you can work together. Escape rooms seem to be an up and coming experience, and you can usually find one local to you with an easy google search!

2. Visit The Coast.

Whether it’s Whitby, Scarborough or Seahouses, being near the sea brings tranquillity and relaxation, and it’s the perfect atmosphere for a first date. You can stroll along the harbour, visit the arcades and eat fish and chips on a bench overlooking the sea. There is so much to do in seaside towns that you won’t run out of things to do while you visit. If you live by the coast, why not have a change of environment and visit a city centre close to you.

3. Pub Quiz.

Sometimes going to a cosy country pub and doing their Thursday Night Trivia can be the best first date atmosphere! There is ambience, and dim light and each question in the quiz is a conversation starter. It’s also an excellent way to discover your dates’ interests and how much they know about current events and what genre of music they’re into, an evening in a pub with a bottle of wine and a pub quiz is a good idea if you want something more relaxed.

4. Aquarium.

Visiting an aquarium with your date is an easy, no-fuss day. If you purchase your tickets online, you won’t even have to queue. This idea is great if you like to walk around, it just means you’re in a unique environment, and there’s always something to look at and something to talk about with your date – This is an especially good idea for a rainy day.

5. Live Music.

Going to a small, local band’s gig is a fantastic idea for a first date – especially if you’re into your music! It’s always good to support local bands anyway, but it means if you find chatting to someone you don’t know difficult, you have the opportunity to embrace the music and go for a drink afterwards to talk about it which will hopefully lead to a further conversation!

6. Cocktail Masterclass.

If you would prefer to go for a drink, why not mix things up a little and attend a cocktail masterclass at one of your local bars? A mixologist will guide you to make delicious cocktails which you can drink afterwards! You will work together and have a giggle while making your favourite cocktails. What’s not to love about this idea?

7. Strawberry Picking.

During Summer, the strawberry fields are busy with people picking their fresh fruit – This is a lovely idea if you want to impress a lady. It’s like something from a romantic comedy film! You can pick the biggest and ripest strawberries from the fields and nibble at them as you chat with your date. – This is the perfect date idea for a sunny day!

8. National Trust Spots.

There are beautiful National Trust destinations all over the country. They usually involve a lot of walking in woodland or nature. There is a small charge at the majority of them but purchasing a National Trust card can be worth it when you realise how many beautiful spots there are so close to home. If you and your date love the outdoors, there are so many places you can visit!

9. Pottery Painting.

This is becoming such a popular activity in 2017. There are plenty of cafes that are doing it now for small children but it’s a lovely idea because you’re distracted by something while still talking to your date but if eye-contact is something you struggle with, you can put all your focus on your painting, and you have something to take home with you!

10. Trampoline Park.

If you’re both fitness fanatics, visiting a trampoline park is an excellent way to work out as well as having fun! Going to the gym together would be a bit strange so doing this makes sure you can have a laugh together and show your date your backflip abilities!

11. Puppy Centre.

A lot of independent dog/puppy kennels have been opening recently and although you won’t necessarily be buying one, (albeit, it will be very tempting!) who doesn’t want to cuddle fluffy puppies all day and talk about how cute they are? Doing this is a good way to see your dates’ sensitive and soft side, and if you’re a hopeless romantic, that should be something to tick off your list!

What is your idea of a perfect first date?



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