5 thoughtful things to gift your friends

As you start to get older, it can begin to get a bit more challenging to buy your friends gifts for their birthdays and Christmas. You want to be able to treat them, but you don’t want to add any unwanted clutter to their homes and lives. The gifts that you buy don’t need to be big or expensive to be appreciated. Your friends will love something that you have thought about and spent a bit of time arranging or coming up with. Even if you don’t have a lot of spare time, it doesn’t mean that you can’t come up with a nice thoughtful gift. Here are a few ideas to kick start some ideas:

A bunch of flowers

Flowers can be a perfect gift for your friends. You can buy a lovely bunch of flowers from the supermarket, or if you want to go the extra mile, you can get one from the florist. At the florist, there are lots of arrangements that you can choose from, or you can have one made that includes your friends favourite flowers or colours. Flowers are a great gift, as receiving them can make you feel really special, and it can brighten up your day. There are many benefits to having fresh flowers in your home, and they are a beautiful decoration that doesn’t last a long time, so your friend doesn’t have to find a permanent space for them. If you want to include something that they can keep, you could buy them a vase that they can put their flowers in, and any future flowers they may receive.

A jar of positive messages

This is a gift that will take you a bit more time, but it won’t cost you a lot of money. The idea is that you get a jar and fill it with little pieces of folded up paper with positive messages on them. These messages could be things that you love about your friend, inspiring affirmations, or quotes that make you smile. You could type them on a computer and cut them out or handwrite each of them. You can also choose any colour paper you want and even mix and match! The idea behind this gift is that whenever your friend is feeling down or needs a pick me up, they can pick a message out of the jar and read something that will cheer them up. There is also the option to decorate the jar with a pretty ribbon to give it a nice finishing touch.   

Relaxation kit

This gift is great for that friend who has a busy job and life and needs to take the time to slow down and take some time for themselves. The idea is to make a little hamper type thing or fill a gift bag with all the stuff that can help them to relax. If your friend likes watching films and tv series, you could fill the gift bag with a selection of sweets and snacks that they like. You could even include the items needed to make their favourite hot drink with a lovely new mug. If your friend loves an excellent pamper session, include face masks and candles in their kit. To make it really special, you could include some fluffy socks or personalised bathrobes. When putting together a ‘relaxation kit,’ the idea is to include things that your friend loves. It can be as cheap or expensive as you choose to make it.

Treat them to a meal or a drink

This gift is really a treat for both of you. Your friend gets treated to some food or drink, and you have the opportunity to see and spend some time with them. As you get older and life gets busier it can be difficult to see your friends as often as you would like. Taking your friend out for a meal at their favorite restaurant or a drink at their favourite cocktail bar means that you can treat them while having a well-needed catch-up! 

Write a poem

You might not think that writing is your strong suit, but it doesn’t need to be to write a lovely poem for your friend. You could include lots of memories and inside jokes that will make them laugh. It makes it easier to list all the things that you want to add in the poem and have it visible when you are writing so that you can see where things fit. And don’t worry about rhyming! No matter what you have heard, poetry doesn’t need to rhyme. Once you have written it, you could type it up nicely and frame it or just put it in a card. However they receive it, they will appreciate it.


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