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We’re not sure what else in life beats the excitement of knowing you’re going on holiday, That feeling of booking the trip and knowing that one day in the near future, you’re going to finally have some time off work. Some of you will have had a nice two weeks off at Christmas, but would have hit back to reality hard with work on Monday morning. So there’s only one thing that we know that softens the blow, and that’s booking a holiday. Even if you don’t have the money as it is at the minute, you can still start looking at holiday ideas to see where you’d like to go. We think this year should be about tropical holidays that might be different from what you’re used to. If you’re the type that usually goes to one of Europe’s all inclusive beach resorts, then now is the time to think about the tropical travelling tours you could take that would show you a completely different style of holiday. Keep on reading to see where we think you should be heading.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has long been known as one of the most beautiful parts of the world. It has character like you wouldn’t believe, and tropical beauty in abundance. Considering the amount that you can do there and the fun that you can have, the cost of going is just so cheap, making a travelling tour far easier than in some other parts of the world. Trips and tours to Southeast Asia can be booked before you go, so all you need to do is worry about turning up, and let the organised trips do the rest. From the hills of Vietnam, to the Orangutan sanctuary in Borneo, there’s just so many parts of Southeast Asia to try and cram into a tour. We’d definitely recommend going for two weeks, and squeezing in at least three different destinations. With short haul flights and boats to get you from location to location, the travelling won’t take too much time away from the exploring.

South America

South America is definitely a lot more pricey than Southeast Asia, but it has just as much charm and beauty to offer. Going to South America would see you visiting the likes of Brazil, Argentina, and the Galapagos islands. They say the Galapagos islands aren’t going to be around for much longer due to climate change and the sea levels rising, so doing a tour right now is more important than ever before. We would say that going to South America is far more dangerous than Asia, but as long as you stick to the tourist spots, and perhaps stick with a guide, you’ll always be fine!


Now back to the other side of the world, and to a country that’s renowned for travelling. It’s absolutely huge, so you’d have to plan out a good route before you go. From Melbourne to Sydney, there’s something to see if every single part of the country that you’re going to go to. Don’t let the current fires put you off going!


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