#ActuallyICan: Wear whatever the f*ck I like


Disclaimer: This post was written for The Growing Up Guide

According to a recent survey carried out by Edelman Intelligence for the 2017 Dove Global Girls Beauty and Confidence Report, only 46% of girls globally had high body esteem, while the figure was even lower for the UK population (39%.)

Nine out of ten girls in the UK with low body esteem told researchers they stopped themselves from eating. Nine out of ten girls in the UK said they avoided seeing friends and family due to their body confidence.

These statistics are staggering and although body positivity and female empowerment is vastly increasing thanks to social media influencers, celebrities and even retailers, it is still a serious issue.

Just recently, a friend of mine was enjoying a night out and she was wearing a [stunning] body-con dress. She is a comfy size 8/10 and she didn’t have an issue getting the dress on. But due to the clingy material, she found it difficult to pull down the back by herself. While she was in the toilet, she kindly asked another girl to help pull her dress back down to which the girl replied:

“No, why would I?”

My friend then paused and the girl continued to speak and said the following:

“Why would I? You’re fat and you shouldn’t be wearing a dress that doesn’t fit you. You look disgusting in it anyway and if you can’t get it over your bum and you need help, you shouldn’t be wearing it.

When I asked my friend how that comment made her feel, my heart shattered into the tiniestpieces. She told me she had joined slimming world and she would never wear the dress again.

This is not f*cking acceptable.

No one should be made to feel like they can’t wear something they want to wear. Whether it’s for a night out, a birthday party, a wedding or a christening.

If you fall in love with a dress and you feel beautiful in it, wear it. If your bum looks good in a pair of jeans, BUY THEM.

Many girls associate the ladies toilet on a night out as a “social hub.”

You’re drying your hands and suddenly you feel a girl hugging you from behind and you both squeal “I love your dress!” in unison.

THAT is how a girls night out is meant to go. Nobody should go on a night out feeling beautiful and return home feeling insecure and upset.

If you’re scrolling down Instagram and you see a girl in an outfit and you think to yourself… “Yeah, I could pull that off,” message her and ask where her clothes are from!

If you’re online shopping and you see a gorgeous skirt or a jumper but you find yourself looking at the model and thinking “I’ll never look like that in it though.” Who the f*ck cares?

If you like the look of something you see, just buy it. If it comes down to it and you don’t feel sexy in the items you’ve purchased, you can return it!

But please don’t think about what others may think of you if you’re wearing a certain outfit and please don’t worry about looking fat or feeling ugly or not looking as good as a mannequin in a shop window

We are all beautiful and let’s be honest, us women could rule the dance-floor on a night out even if we were dressed in bin bags!


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