Let’s admit it, growing up kinda sucks

Do you remember when you used to go to school, get home, eat a snack while watching CBBC and then ride your bike down the street to knock on your friends door? Do you remember how old you were when you didn’t own a mobile phone? Sometimes I miss those days. I work in digital marketing so I’m on my phone or laptop almost 24/7 but sometimes you really just want to leave your phone in a drawer and not go on it all day. This is going to be a rant to some extent so bare with me and let me know your thoughts…

The next time you eat out at a restaurant or go to the cinema, just take a couple of seconds to look around you and digest the atmosphere. Try and physically count how many people are sat on their phones, not communicating with their company. I’m guilty of this. I think we all are. It makes me sad, why are we more interested by what’s being posted on Facebook than the person we’re sat opposite at the table? It’s hard to rant about this when I know I’ve done this myself but this year, I want to make a conscious effort to not be so obsessed with my phone. During the week, I have to be online due to my job but over the weekend, what’s stopping me from leaving my phone at home while I go out for the day? Maybe we should all try this and see how it impacts our day.

While I was studying at university, I couldn’t WAIT to leave. And to be honest, I love working full time more than studying at uni. I really enjoy what I do. But, I regret wishing my university experience away so fast because the people are right when they tell you it flies by. Those were the quickest three years of my life and I often find myself trying to reminisce the happy memories at uni and suddenly my mind is bombarded with memories of stressful due dates and arguments with flat mates and I find myself trying to forget it all again.

Growing up is HARD. You have serious arguments with your friends, family and partner. Your body starts changing and you feel like you’re going through puberty all over again. You see a baby in a cafe window and you suddenly feel emotional. Your friends are getting engaged but some are still getting wasted in night clubs. It’s hard. It’s hard to understand which stage of life you should be in and what you should be prioritising. You need to save money to move out of your parents house but suddenly something goes wrong with your car and all of a sudden, you’re digging back into your savings to pay for it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I love being older and I love learning new things about myself and feeling brand new emotions but it’s terrifying and it’s easier to miss being a little kid, running around the street with your friends and making your own games up. It’s when you start growing up that you wish your childhood lasted just a little bit longer…

Does anyone else feel this way?

Until next time,

Amy x



  1. January 31, 2018 / 1:37 PM

    I can emphasise with this so much! Even looking back at Uni life seemed so easy. But then again there are lots of exciting things about adulthood – I still find it weird when people actually listen to my opinion at work!

    • amylt
      January 31, 2018 / 7:53 PM

      Haha, I can relate! When people ask for my opinion on something I’m like errrrm do I really get a say?! It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one!

  2. February 9, 2018 / 8:30 PM

    I totally feel the same. Sometimes I just don’t wanna adult. Sometimes I wanna do all the things. Sometimes I just want another adult, a more adultier adult to care of me. Sometimes I’m feeling like a strong independent woman. It’s such a confusing time!

    Steph x

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