Things I loved and hated about university

University is something that for a long time at college, I wasn’t even considering. I’m really not an academic person in the slightest. Instead of completing my A Levels, I studied a BTEC in Journalism and I loved every minute of it! College is where I discovered my passion for writing and where my wonderful tutor persuaded me that I would make a wonderful creative writing student… So here I am, a York St John University Creative Writing graduate!

Uni was not an easy ride for me at all. In fact, my first few months there were absolute hell due to a situation that I may write about in the future. I wasn’t sleeping much, I was crying all the time, I was suffering with severe panic attacks, I had zero confidence left and I really struggled to attend a few of my lectures and seminars. I was so unhappy there and seriously considered dropping out.

However, I hung in there, passed my first year, came into my second year, went through a pretty shitty break up with a boy I then had to live with for the next 9 months but, I had the BEST group of friends I could ever ask for and I met my boyfriend there who makes me the happiest I’ve ever been! I miss it so very much!

It’s not all fun and games though so I’ve rustled up a list of things I hated and loved about Uni!

I Hated…

    1. Assignments.

      I knew that I had to do them but you never get just one at a time. Oh no, you get bombarded with at least 3 that are all due in the same week!

    2. Money.

      Having no money is so brutal. Especially when you have a job but your rent has left you so deep in your overdraft that your wage is just slowly paying it off…

    3. Drama.

      Maybe this is because my uni was very small but my GOSH, something was always kicking off on a night out or the following day!

    4. Student Houses.

      I think everyone can mutually agree that they’re just grim?

    5. Uni Rivalries.

      In York, a lot of the Uni of York students despise York St John students. Does this happen anywhere else?! I will never forget in Fresher’s week, a boy asked me where I studied and when I answered,  he scoffed at me and walked away!


    6. Lectures.

      Everything just goes on Moodle anyway…

    7. Alcohol (kind of.)

      I drank so much Captain Morgan’s spiced rum in my first year that now even the smell of it makes me gip.

    8. Groupwork. 

      Why? Why is this a thing?

    9. Locals.

      The worst kind of person on a night out. They think that they own the city… Sit down

    10. Shopping.

      I dunno… It just feels wrong buying my own toiletries and cleaning products…

I Loved…

  1. Student Loan Day.

    ‘Nuff said.

  2. Nights Out.

    I love them. I love bumping into so many people you know who are in a drunken state. It’s just the next day that isn’t so fun…

  3. Independence.

    It’s always reassuring to know that you can actually look after yourself without your Mum

  4. Friends.

    Uni friends are so special, they literally know you inside out… And there is always someone there to go and hang out with when you’re bored or missing home.

  5. Overdrafts.

    You have saved me many a time.

  6. Pre Drinks. 

    Sometimes I wish these lasted all night long.

  7. Home visits.

    ‘Cause you know you’re gonna get a good feed.

  8. Lecture/Seminar Cancellations.

    Rare but amazing when this happens… Another day in bed!

  9. Student Discount.

    … Purely for the free cheeseburger at McDonalds.

  10. Having A Routine.

    Your routine usually goes something like this: Sleep. Eat. Work. Repeat. I just cannot wait to get back into a proper routine so I don’t feel so lethargic!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! It’s made me miss uni so much!

Feel free to pop a comment down below! Do you enjoy uni? Is there a rival where you are? Let me know!

Until next time,

Amz x



  1. Kaiesha Stewart
    February 3, 2018 / 2:28 PM

    I’ve dropped out of university twice so can’t really speak about the whole experience but coming home was always an amazing feeling!! It’s like you revert to a child again haha.

    • amylt
      February 3, 2018 / 2:31 PM

      Aw, I can totally relate! I am getting a bit fed up now though, want my independence back!

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