My biggest pet peeves

We ALL have a list of little things that irritate us on a daily basis, don’t we? Well, I certainly do. I love hearing about other people’s pet peeves, it makes me feel like less of a bitch for getting wound up by the most ridiculous things. If you can relate to any of my pet peeves or have some even more outrageous ones, let me know!

1. People Watching Videos.  

Ok, let me give this one a bit of context. It obviously doesn’t bother me when people simply watch videos, that would be so silly. I’m talking about when you have the TV on or you’re having a conversation and someone just starts playing a video out loud on their phone, the mixture of the noise winds me up so much and I get so aggravated.

2. Loud Chewing.

I feel like this MUST be on everyone’s list of pet peeves. It’s just so gross but it’s frustrating because I know that I eat loudly myself, I can’t even help it! There is just something so unsettling about the sound of pasta swirling around someone’s mouth… That disgusting squelching sound – you know what I mean! *shivers*

3. Getting Onto A Train.

You know when you’re getting the train in rush hour and as it pulls into the station, there is a little pool of people gathered around each door, like little huddles of penguins? I HATE that. I hate that everyone tries to get onto the train at the same time! And what’s worse is the people that don’t let the current passengers off, why do that?! Just so you can sit down a few seconds earlier? Ugh.

4. Replacing The Toilet Paper.

The headline says it all. Finish the last of the loo roll? REPLACE IT. Oh my gosh, actually, I don’t know what’s more annoying… When someone uses the rest of the roll and doesn’t replace it or when they leave like half a sheet left that you couldn’t even use to blow your nose. That’s like they’ve thought ‘I’ve left a tiny bit so I don’t have to replace it yet but also the next person is going to have to replace it before they use the loo because there isn’t enough there.’ WHY?

5. People Who Don’t Indicate

I recently passed my driving test and I’ve been on the roads for a fair few months now and I cannot stand it when other drivers don’t indicate, it really pisses me off when I don’t know what the car in front of me is planning to do. How hard is it to flick a bit of plastic down, really?!

6. When They Have To Be Right All The Time

People who can’t accept that they’re wrong. How annoying? Nobody is perfect. I mean, I can sometimes find it difficult to see where I’ve gone wrong in a disagreement but I’m talking about the people that make a fuss over little things just to make sure everyone knows that their opinion is the correct one and nothing else matters.

7. People Who Take Calls On Public Transport

I actually think this might be one of the things that irritates me the most. Why, why, WHY do people answer long phone calls on trains and buses? I can’t deal with listening to one side of a conversation, they speak SO loud as well and my music doesn’t even cover it sometimes.

I have so many more pet peeves, I’m a naturally easily-annoyed person so these are just a selection of them! Let me know if you share any of my pet peeves and again, tell me if you have any unusual ones!

Until Next Time,

Amz x



  1. sarahlynn358
    December 28, 2017 / 1:05 AM

    Loves this, people that have to be right all the time is also a pet peeve of mine there is no shame in being wrong every once in a while!

    • amylt
      January 29, 2018 / 6:19 PM

      Right! It’s SO annoying haha

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